This past Saturday we held our 6th Annual Cabin Fever Cornhole Tournament at the church to raise money for our SH Summer Mission Trip. We set our goals at having over 132 teams play in the tournament and to raise over $9,000 for our trip.

I am thrilled to announce that we had 159 teams compete in this year’s event and we were able to raise over $10,000 for our trip this summer. We definitely had some help from some folks in higher places when it came to the weather. On Wednesday before the tournament we got slammed with ANOTHER Winter storm that took out power, closed schools and made life miserable….again in NE Ohio. On Sunday, the day after the tournament it was hovering around 0 degrees out and the big fan in the sky was set on hurricane strength. Somehow in the middle of this on Saturday we managed sunny skies, 44 degrees, zero precipitation and just enough wind to make our World Record Shot a bit difficult.

I am in awe of how many people give so much every single year to make this event possible. I cant begin to list all of the people and organizations that helped us get ready for Saturday’s big event. From all of us going on the trip this summer…..thank-you. Your support and generosity is providing us with the opportunity to travel to New Jersey and assist the people there with the cleanup from Superstorm Sandy. This trip is providing lots of teenagers with their first exposure to serving and what it truly looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This trip changes lives and changes our world one person at a time.

I can’t wait to tell you about it when we get home.
Until then….please continue to pray for everyone going on this trip and for the rockstars at A Future With Hope in New Jersey as they scramble to find a way to prepare for our team to arrive.

God is good.
#grateful #humbled #sleptreallyreallywellonSaturdaynight




I had to post this. I have no deep thoughts to go along with this video. This is just to show you what terror looks & sounds like unfiltered and in real time.

I love nature and I love bears, but I pray to never see a bear in nature coming in my direction at full speed.

#HappyThursday #SupportyourNationalParks

Where’s The Love?

Where's The Love?

This is wrong.
No other way to cut it.
It is the polar opposite of what Jesus was about.
It is the opposite of loving your neighbor.
It is barbaric and something that has no place in 2014.

I believe in love. I believe every life, every person, no matter – what, is perfect and loved unconditionally by God. You can’t be about love partway or only some of the time.

Love is something that is all or nothing.

I am saying a lot of prayers for the people in Uganda and for the rest of us. We can’t let our world become a place of intolerance and bigotry. We have to stand up for love. The radical, unconditional, unending and courageous love that Jesus perfected 2,000 years ago.

#loveeveryone #allthetime



Tomorrow. Buffalo Wild Wings – Avon Lake.
Dine-In OR Carry-Out. 25% of your total bill will support our SH Summer Mission Trip to New Jersey this Summer.


Tell every person you see between now and tomorrow to dine at Buffalo Wild Wings in Avon Lake as many times as possible tomorrow. Thank-you in advance for your support.

This summer we are taking a group of over 100 youth and adults to New Jersey to assist in the recovery efforts from Superstorm Sandy. Every single wing you smash is directly helping us make this trip possible.


See you there!


SH Mission Trip 2014_BW3S Flyer



I have been going to summer camp for 25+ years and I still find it just as incredible as it was when I was 10 years old. I still find everything about it……irreplaceable. Maybe it’s because it’s a week where I have nothing else to do but have a complete and utter blast. Maybe it’s because I still get to spend that week with some of my best friends in the galaxy. Maybe it’s because I get to see kids from Avon Lake get hooked on camp and fall madly in love with the whole experience as I did. Maybe it’s because it’s the one place where I feel closest to God and for one whole week God and I get some real quality time together. Maybe it’s all of that plus a bajillion other things.

I hope you all consider making summer camp a part of your plans this year.
You will NOT regret it.
Join us this Sunday for Camp Sunday and hear alllllllllllllllllllll about it. (you may even see pictures of me from the 90’s when I thought it was awesome to dye my hair nuclear blonde!)

Pack your bags and send in your registration.
See you at camp!

Proud to Be

The National Congress of American Indians has release a video extending their efforts to eradicate the offensive R-word.

Just days before Super Bowl XXLVII, the NCAI is reminding Americans that Native people are not mascots.

“This week’s celebration of football is exactly why we need to keep talking about the D.C. mascot,” the organization said in an email to ICTMN. “Cheering for a football team should never include the casual use of a racial slur. It is important for all teams and all of their fans that the name of the D.C. team is changed.”

In October 2013, the organization released a 29-page report called Ending the Legacy of Racism in Sports & the Era of Harmful ‘Indian’ Sports Mascots, which ICTMN covered here.

The video called “Proud to Be” illustrates the strength and beauty of tribal nations and highlights prominent and influential Native people throughout history. The roughly two-minute video ends by saying that Native Americans call themselves many things, but not the R-word; and the last shot of the video is a picture of the ‘Redskins’ helmet.

A Long Time Since Mungeli

It’s been quite some time since I last blogged. I had just completed a two week journey to the other side of the planet. I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the remote village of Mungeli, India with my wife, Lisa, the good Reverend Kelly, Dave Witzigreuter & Gregg Brekke. We were there on an immersion experience to see the work of Dr. Anil Henry and the work he is doing at the hospital and school he oversees. My mind was completely blown and I am itching for the next opportunity to visit Mungeli.

So now here we are here three years later and I am back to blogging. And again life has provided me another incredible life-changing experience. It was only a few months ago that I found out my wife and I were expecting the birth of our first child this July. #cantwait #daddybootcampthisSaturday

In the next few weeks we will be launching a brand new website for the church. As part of our new website, I will be blogging to keep all of up to speed with everything we have going on in our youth ministry programs, information or articles that may be helpful to you and my random thoughts on everything you can possibly imagine.

Thank-you for stopping by.

Oh and if you cared to read more about that experience I had in Mungeli you can get it all at http://www.meandmungeli.blogspot.com.

I am HUGE fan of hashtags. And if I know anything about Jesus…..Jesus loves them too. #kingofkings #jesuslovesyou

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