This was a devotional I wrote earlier this summer for our Sportscamp Counselor Daily Devotional. I thought it was timely this week as we move the final items from our sacred space on Township Road 20 and hand over the keys…..


Absolutely, positively nothing.

Not a gigantic earthquake.

Not a meteor the size of Texas.

Not the cauldron underneath Yellowstone erupting and splitting North America into several pieces.

Not the most awful thing you could ever do to another human being.

Not cheating, stealing, hurting, abusing, misleading or even murdering.

Not Lebron James signing with the Golden State Warriors.

Not the Cleveland Browns going 0-16.

Not Chipotle shutting down all of their restaurants.

Not even the sale of our beloved Pilgrim Hills.











Separate us from the Love of God.

I can’t express to you the significance of this simple reality or the power of it’s meaning.

I just hope that each and every single one of you belief this with every ounce of your soul. There is no greater comfort than being loved.


In all of my years of coming to camp and for all the memories I have of this place and for all of the tears I have shed at the thought of camp no longer being camp….one thing has stuck with me more than anything…..


God loves me and all of my imperfections and quirks and idiosyncrasies and there is absolutely nothing I can do to ever escape that love.


For all the things I am thankful to Pilgrim Hills for…..this is the one that I am the most grateful for.


This peace of mind and this realization are worth more than a lifetime of Sportscamps.


I am so grateful to each of you for being a part of my camping experience and in particular, this final Sportscamp at Pilgrim Hills. Just as nothing can separate us  from the love of God, nothing can separate us from this experience and this place and all the ways in which God has been with us this week.


PRAYER: God, thank you for all the absolutely mind-blowing, epic weeks of Sportscamp you have provided for the past 45 years at Pilgrim Hills. Remind us always that your love for us is infinite and amazingly perfect. With much love and gratitude. Amen.


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