In Awe

So let’s clear up the picture. I am the chunk in the corner in the pj’s that fit me three months earlier. #thanksmomanddad #roomforatleastfivemoresmores. This is the Taylor family on one of our regular camping trips circa 1985. The girl next to me is cousin Shelley. She just celebrated her 39th birthday. Unfortunately everyone told me it was her 40th so I congratulated her on the big 4-0 only to find out I was completely wrong. #iheartmyfamily. And then there’s my mom and my sister.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and for me it particularly significant because it’s the first one since my Mom passed away and the first one with Lisa being a mom. #emotionsallllllllllacrosstheboard

In the past year my understanding of Mom’s and appreciation, respect and awe for who they are and what they do on a regular basis has grown immensely.

I think of all the things about MY Mom that I miss. Her constant phone calls, her hand-written letters at camp every year, her thoughtful gifts, her strong will, her incredible faith, the way she put my sister and I on a pedestal and always made us feel like we could do anything. I miss her Taco Salad and her fresh-squeezed lemonade. I think of all that she endured for so many years and know that I will never have anywhere near the strength, resolve or fight that she had. I am the Nate Taylor you all know today because of my Mom. It’s that simple. I only realize now how much of an impact she made on my life and is still making on the life of Max. For that alone, she is priceless. It’s comforting to know she is still right there, walking right by my side, every single day.

I think about all the ways that I have watched Lisa grow into her new role as a mother. There is no greater joy than watching Max’s face light up when she comes in the door. She is truly a super hero. Her ability to care for all of Max’s every needs with such though and patience and gentleness is pure art. I know she’s tired…a lot, but I know neither of us would trade this adventure for the world. Each new day presents new experiences in parenting and Lisa handles them with such ease and such grace. I couldn’t imagine this ride with anyone else.

Being able to witness your wife become a Mom and watching first-hand all that she does everyday is truly a privilege. I am entirely convinced that there is not a stronger species in the galaxy than the Mother. Wow.

One thing I learned this past year is that life is short. Each new day, every phone call, every laugh, every hug, kind word, encounter….is priceless. I can’t believe all that Max is doing already and I can’t believe this June will be a year since my Mom passed. Don’t wait to say what you have to say. Take advantage of every opportunity. Put your PHONE DOWN and look someone in the eye and talk to them. Tell your Mom & Dad you love them. Every day. Carpe Diem! Life is short………and we get so caught up in things that do not matter, that live casually passes by without us even knowing. Live in this moment. Right now.

Thank-you Mom for being you and being so incredibly perfect at it. I love you.

Thank-you Lisa for amazing me everyday and taking such good care of Max and me. We would be lost without you. I love you.

Thank-you to Moms everywhere. You don’t hear it enough and you’ll never ever come close to being as appreciated as you all deserve to be. You are the ones keeping this world turning. I am in awe of each and everyone of you.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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