I am in Chicago this week for the Progressive Youth Ministry Conference. It’s being hosted by the Jopa Group and the crew at 4th Street Presbyterian.

This is waaaaaaaaaaay different than any other youth ministry conference I have attended.
And that’s a good thing.

It’s not even been 24 hours, but I have learned quite a bit including:
1. Everyone in Chicago has a reserved parking spot at Trinity U.C.C.
2. They are serious about the “don’t take pictures without permission” signs at Trinity U.C.C.
3. Driving into downtown Chicago at rush hour resembles New Dehli, India. I’ll never understand how it all works.
4. Ditka’s makes a mean steak. #thebleucheesecrustisamust
5. There’s a LOT of really, awesome people here who care about the U.C.C. and care about Youth Ministry.
6. Outdoor Ministries works. There are models that work. There is a need for us to get outside and to get our young people outside. This is the bottom line. U.C.C. folks in Ohio…..I am talking to you. It’s definitely WWJD. Reference Wayzata Community Church.
7. Rev. Otis Moss III brought the thunder this morning. “Jesus healed people with pre-existing conditions.” “We need to be the lighthouse ship.” “We have to be the lighthouse ships in the church. We have to go where the trouble and the need is. We can’t stay put.” #representingtheCLE
8. As Luke Lindon would say….the chapel of 4th Street Pres looks like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.
9. I get to hang out with Margaret Mills. #bonus
10. I am even more energized to get back to it in Avon Lake.
11. Smoked Pulled Pork for dinner. #doesitgetanybetter?

Back to work.


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