Where’s The Love?

Where's The Love?

This is wrong.
No other way to cut it.
It is the polar opposite of what Jesus was about.
It is the opposite of loving your neighbor.
It is barbaric and something that has no place in 2014.

I believe in love. I believe every life, every person, no matter – what, is perfect and loved unconditionally by God. You can’t be about love partway or only some of the time.

Love is something that is all or nothing.

I am saying a lot of prayers for the people in Uganda and for the rest of us. We can’t let our world become a place of intolerance and bigotry. We have to stand up for love. The radical, unconditional, unending and courageous love that Jesus perfected 2,000 years ago.

#loveeveryone #allthetime



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